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""HISTORYPrinciples of Education

Chongming junior high school was established in August 1991. It's the 18th junior high school in Tainan City.

The school located in the eastern side of Tainan City and occupied an area of 4.29 hectare. Because the growth of population is so fast, the city government decided to build Chongming junior high school to decrease the scale of other schools in this area. Then, the city government assigned Mr. Wang Fu-Lai, who was the principal of Cheng-Kung junior high school, to prepare the school campus construction in May 1988. It took three years to coordinate all the ideas. The building started to be constructed in January 1991; after construction, the school had the first group of students in August 1991.

 Chongming junior high school is near to the City Culture Center, the City Hospital, the Sculpture Park, and Chongming elementary school. At the very beginning, the school building were still under construction so the school applied for some temporary classrooms for students in Chung-Hsiao junior high school Chongming elementary school. On November 8, 1991, all the students came back to our school. From the beginning of August 1991, it included 48 classes (and 2039 student in three grades.) Now it has 61 classes, (2300 students) and the school staff for is about 115 people in three grades.

The first principal, Mr. Wang Fu-Lai, guided the direction for eight years (from 1991 to August 1999). He concentrated on the school affairs and developed the future of education. During the period of his guidance, the quality of teaching improved, the Facilities equipped, the campus beautified. Until 1999, except auditorium, all the buildings and the facilities are comed.

In August 1999. Mr. Wang Fu-Lai prompted to other school. Mr. Chung Chiu- Chen was chose to become the second principal of the school. He not only follows the points of Mr. Wang Fu-Lai, but also operates the policies of Education Changing Movement, He emphasizes on the humanism and the development of multiple open thought. He expects every student's potential abilities would be enlighten with the resource from families, communities, and the teachers. To develop sound citizenship loving country, caring society, and being positive to life.


On August 16th, 2003, Mr. Chung Chiu-Chen principal transferred to Hou-Jia junior high school. Mr. Lin Mao-Sheng took up his post as the 3th principal of Chongming junior high school to lead the whole school teachers and students. In the future, he will still continue making efforts for Chongming. Under the leading of Mr. Lin Mao Shieng, Chongming junior high school will be a milestone of education in 21 century.



""Principles of Education


We generate hope and achievement for every student.

We generate hope and achievement for every student.

We build the campus cultule of humanity, local and international ideas.

We encourage positive, reflective, creative and effective administration.

We utilize social resources, carry out lifelong education, and establish a learning community.



The Vision of School

Build up a mood of humanity and provincialism

Cultivate an active and open attitude

Incite the wisdom of ability and growth

Acquire the confident mind and healthy body